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The Yowler-Yang Wedding

It is actually IMPOSSIBLE to not be in a good mood when you're at Airlie Gardens in Wilmington. The smell, the sight of all the incredible greenery and florals, the sounds of nature all around you; on March 28, it was only outdone by Joanna and Dan's wedding ceremony. 

The entire day was beautiful, the sun and warmth arriving on a Thursday immediately following weeks of dreary weather! The Lord of the Rings music and details were beautiful—the little candles, earrings and even the vows were inspired by the trilogy.

There wasn't a dry eye throughout the entire evening, and every person at the small celebration meant an incredible amount to Joanna and Dan. Capturing this kind of once-in-a-lifetime love was wonderful, and I know these two will live the best life together. 

Congratulations, y'all!


Venue: Ceremony—Airlie Gardens; Reception—128 South

Catering: 128 South

Officiant: Will Poole

Ellen + Raul

Ahhh it sure does feel good to take a vacation, right? It's even better when you get to hang out with some AMAZING couples all while getting to call it "work"! 

In the midst of visiting family and friends back home in Texas, I couldn't help but schedule a few engagement sessions. Raul and Ellen kicked off the weekend by having an early morning shoot with me in Dallas. After our first spot was taken by a marathon, we improvised and explored Deep Ellum!

These two are so fun to hang out with, and the whole morning consisted of laughs, coffee and playing some Nintendo (Mario Kart is no joke, y'all. It gets serious real quick). I'm so happy these sweet friends are engaged and I can't wait for your wedding next year!

Congrats, y'all! To see Raul's adorable proposal to Ellen, and catch the first evening they were fiancees, check out my blog post from December.