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Annie + David

If y'all are Jurassic Park fans (or even Jeff Goldblum fans) you know the classic line "Life finds a way."

When Annie and David decided to book me for their Wilmington, NC wedding, they told me they lived in the Dallas, TX area...aka the place I grew up and call home! The stars aligned (and so did our schedules), so this gorgeous couple and I were able to schedule this session when I was in town a couple weeks ago!

Life found a way, and despite living across the country from each other, we were able to shoot together on a perfect morning. Congrats on your engagement, y'all...I can't WAIT for your NYE wedding!! 

The Tucker Wedding

Merry Christmas Eve, celebrate, here's a bit of magic from my last wedding of the year!

Hannah and Andrew got married last week at the absolutely GORGEOUS Stone Crest Venue in McKinney, TX. After everyone got ready, the two saw each other for their first look...and Andrew's expressions were absolutely priceless! Although it was freezing (literally--it was 27 degrees outside!), the bridal party braved the cold for some photos. 

Before they separated, Andrew read a letter expressing his love and devotion to his soon-to-be-wife. The proceeding ceremony was short and sweet, and there wasn't a dry eye in the room when Hannah and Andrew officially became man and wife! We were thinking it would be dark by the time the ceremony was over, but a stunning sunset appeared and we HAD to get a few shots!

The reception was a blast, and guests packed the dance floor all night. Near the end of the party, the DJ sent everyone but Hannah and Andrew out of the room. For the first time since they were wed, the Tuckers danced together in the candlelight, with no one else around. It was beautiful and intimate, and led into the stunning sparkler exit perfectly.

Congratulations again, Hannah and Andrew Tucker! I wish you all the love and happiness in your future!