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Sakura Minis | Springtime in Japan

This spring, I had my FIRST EVER series of cherry blossom mini sessions! Of course, they didn’t all go completely according to plan…after some rescheduling, we were able to make sure everyone got stunning photos before the blossoms left forever!

I’m writing this blog post not ONLY to show you some sessions, but to show you WHEN and under what CONDITIONS they were taken. Basically…it doesn’t have to be golden hour with incredible sun to be wonderful. Some of these were taken early in the morning, before golden hour, at twilight, with full sun or even overcast! Despite the different conditions, they all ended up beautiful and unique, just like the sakura trees themselves.


7:00 am - sunny


9:00 am - partly sunny


5:30 pm - overcast


5:45 pm - sunny


6:00 pm - overcast


6:00 pm - sunny


6:30 (twilight) - no sun