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Atlas's 1st Birthday

Y'all want to see the cutest thing ever? Take a peek into this first birthday party for Atlas...a German shepherd/lab mix pup! His momma made sure this party was complete with a dog-friendly cake, cupcakes and most importantly...PARTY HATS ON DOGS. I was there to capture everything and it was SO ADORABLE. 

We started off with some solo shots of Atlas, and it wasn't long before he and his friends started getting restless...all they wanted was to get in on that cake action! Finally, we gave in to those adorable faces. They went nuts on those cupcakes (I'll have to get that recipe for MY dog's first birthday!)

The cake wasn't the end of the party, though...the grand finale was a kiddie pool filled with over 100 tennis balls (one thing all of Atlas's family and friends knows is that he LOVES tennis balls!) He absolutely loved it and it was the perfect way to end the evening.