John + Lucy: 60 Years of Love

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to journey up to Howards Grove, Wisconsin and shoot John and Lucy's 60th anniversary celebration. 

This beautiful couple are massive Packers fans (they had season tickets for years!), have attended the same church since they were young, and as of Sunday, have been married for 60 YEARS!

I spent a few days exploring the Green Bay area, and although I'm a Cowboys fan I was somehow able to enjoy the atmosphere! ;) But really, I loved getting to know the area and this wonderful family better over the course of the weekend.

The afternoon was kicked off by setting up the room; Lucy still has her wedding dress and hung it up by the display table where it was truly the biggest talking point. Carnations and photos of the happy couple adorned the room, and the multitudes of guests that arrived FAWNED over the 15 different pies laid out as refreshments (did y'all know that Wisconsinites put cheddar cheese on their apple pie? It truly is dairy country)!

Before guests arrived, however, John, Lucy and I snuck away to get in a private portrait session. They laughed, kissed, held each other up, and displayed seriously insane amounts of love (and how cute is that picture of them on their wedding day?) Thank you so much, y'all, for letting me be a part of your special day. Happy anniversary, you two!